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About Us

Mission Statement

To plan, create and train nonprofits to thrive rather than survive, to grow rather than contract, and to create long range strategic plans that are realistic and achievable.


  1. To provide clear and concise answers to concerns raised by the client.
  2. To plan, create and train nonprofits to thrive rather than survive, to grow rather than contract, and to create long range strategic plans that are realistic and achievable.
  3. To provide the client with caring, concerned, one on one consultation.
  4. We will provide successful answers to the concerns of nonprofits from creation to maturity to create growth and steady revenue streams.
  5. To treat the client with the utmost respect and provide outstanding customer service.


out of the flock, llc. was created to provide nonprofits with the tools and expertise to make their mission statement come to fruition. We have successful experience with large national nonprofits, start-up non profits and mature nonprofits. We have seen unparalleled growth in revenue, board development, recruitment of volunteers and increase in supporters. We have created with educational institutions national grants, state grants and local foundation support. We have created for nonprofits who are restricted from government grants, corporate support through special events, grants and donations in kind. Examples of who we have worked with include Subaru, Cornell, Rutgers, Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, Harcum College, Rosemont University, Pepsi Cola, Wegman’s Markets, ShopRight, Wachovia Bank, and Sun Bank. If you are looking for personal attention, innovative ideas, state of the art technology and creativity, look no further, you have found what you are seeking.

Our Services for Non-Profits

When you are considering creating a nonprofit, managing a new or mature nonprofit, struggling with board of directors/trustee issues, the reality that nothing is guaranteed and what you do today will reflect in six months or less, can cause great stress and strain. What to do is followed by how to do it and what will the bottom line reflect afterward.

Like for profits, managing a nonprofit follows the rules of business. With no product, in most cases, to sell, the art is in the ability to create a climate of giving. If you are having a problems with any facet of nonprofit business come to out of the flock, llc. For over 18 years we have worked to raise money, build nonprofits from the ground up, and resuscitate mature stagnate ones.

Entropy does not last long, you are either moving ahead or falling behind. If you realize you are having concerns you have taken the biggest step, now how can we help you?

If you are just creating a nonprofit, we can:

  • Help you set a strategic plan for getting your dream to reality
  • Help you with the legal and IRS forms using expert legal advice and council
  • Recruit a board of directors/trustees.
  • Create job descriptions for the board of directors/trustees
  • Set goals for the first year
  • Help write the executive director’s job description
  • Help to create a mission statement, vision and goals
  • Be available for consultation as you progress

If you need a grant written we can:

  • Do the research on the grant’s possible submissions
  • Create the rough draft and final copy within the time limit
  • Work with various constituencies to create the statement of purpose
  • Submit the grant and if needed, manage the grant for you.

If you need a special event we can:

  • Create a theme and do the graphic design for materials
  • Using your mailing list or one we can purchase, do the mailing
  • Recruit volunteers to create the committees for the event
  • Help with day of the event details
  • Create strategic and short/long range plans to annualize the event

If your board of directors/trustees is stagnating, we can:

  • Create a strategic plan to energize the board
  • Recruit new members of the board
  • Create a template for goals for the board
  • Recruit an advisory board to help with events and publicity

If you want to increase your public image, we can:

  • Create a video that highlights your agency or aspect
  • Create a website that is interactive and googlized
  • Create a marketing plan with TV and Radio spots.
  • Create media events

Nonprofits are easy to form, more difficult to run with intense competition for each dollar. out of the flock, llc. will help you achieve your goals, meet your mission statement and move ahead in difficult times.

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